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Skechers Concept Stores

The company's Concept Stores are a fact. Designed in the unique style of Skechers, meticulous down to the smallest detail, the shops give the opportunity to the consumer who visits them, to find the complete range of Skechers products, offering at the same time an overall experience that looks like nothing but until today he knew.

1. Skechers Concept Store, Glyfada, Athens,Aggelou Metaxa 25, Glyfada 16675, Athens


2. Skechers Concept Store, Nea Erithraia, Athens,Iroon Polytechniou 4-6 & Patriarch Grigoriou V '1, Evangelistria, Nea Erithraia 14671,     Athens, Tel. 212 1068767


3. Skechers Concept Store, Peristeri, Athens,Ethnikis Antistaseos 69, (Pedestrian street, near "Peristeri" Metro Station), Peristeri 12134, Athens, Tel. 210 5753845


4. Skechers Concept Store, Chalandri, Athens,Haimanta 24, Chalandri 15234, Athens, Tel. 211 0132597


5. Skechers Concept Store, Tsimiski, Thessaloniki,Tsimiski 103 & Vyronos, Thessaloniki 54622, Tel. 2311 243230


6. Skechers Concept Store, Nicosia Mall, Cyprus,2, Madrid Street, Nicosia, PC 2306, Tel. +357 22383009


Skechers Οutlet McArthur Glen Designer Outlet

Address: Building block E71, Gialou, 19004, Spata, Athens, tel. 210 6638106



McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Athens offers your favorite brands in fashion, beauty and home items at prices 35 - 70% lower.

Designed in a neoclassical style, meticulous down to the smallest detail, the outdoor center is formed on two levels which are dominated by soft shades in combination with pergolas and alleys, and gives the visitor the feeling that he is walking in a picturesque neighborhood of Athens. In this atmosphere of unique aesthetics you enjoy your favorite brands at lower prices. The center occupies 21,000 square meters and includes shops, cafes and restaurants.

Find the Skechers store at the level of sportswear.

Skechers  Mega Outlet (Thessaloniki)

Address: 43 Agricultural School Ave., Patriarchal, 555 35 Pylea tel. 2311 241895


MEGA OUTLET started operating in 2006 and since then is the most popular shopping destination for residents of both the wider region and neighboring countries.

It is only 10 km from the center of Thessaloniki and 3 km from the international airport Macedonia. Its total area is 15,000 sqm, divided into 4 levels. More than 80 mono brand or multi brand individual stores are waiting for you to meet your every need.


Find the Skechers store at the level of sportswear.

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Hondos Center Thessaloniki
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